M.R. Designs Ltd  

The best designers and builders are known by what they have created for others, and Richard Hinchcliff of M R designs is no exception. Any observer, in the Capital City of Victoria, with a keen eye for something special, will soon come across a project with Richard’s signature.

The Penny Farthing Pub in Oak Bay, The Irish Times Pub in Victoria, The Birds of a Feather B&B in Colwood, a Multi Structure Estate on Sydney Island, along with custom homes and renovations in the upscale Ten Mile point, all bear Richard's special design, planning and finishing touch.

Richard's greatest gift is his ability to visualize someone's dream of their new Home or Business, navigate the design through City Planning and turn it into reality.

M R Designs has won respect from years of responsible contracting and delivering a great final product.

Richard’s latest projects have reflected the ECO friendly movement on Vancouver Island, and all current designs are based around Lowest Energy Consumption and best trade practices. Richard always promotes On Demand Water Heaters both for domestic hot water and Radiant Space Heating.

Contact Richard at M R Designs at the following listings;

M.R. Designs Ltd.

Telephone:   250 477 5671
Fax:            250 477 5651
Cell:            250 217 6045
Email:          mrdesigns@shaw.ca